måndag 20 november 2017


 Today I will show you a box card I did 
with left over paper from The picnic in the garden kit.
There is soo lovely paper in this kit and it is soo easy to find paper who match each other.
I find this tutorial here and I hope you will try it your self. 

This is how it looks like when it´s closed. 

Almost open

Here it is open and you can se it´s like a box when you pull it 
out. You will pull it out a little more than I have done, it´s just because I have to hold the camera. 

I have put some tags inside the boxcard. 

This was all for med today. I hope you will have a wonderful time. 
Hope to see you soon. 


Pocket letter

Hi everyone.  
I will show you what I did with my
small piece i have left from  Picnic in the garden kit.
I have made a Pocket Letter .

It´s a new way to send letters to your penpals.
Basically, you fill all the pockets of  a 9 pocket trading card protector and send the whole page to someone who wants to swap with you.
This can be a one-time exchange or you
can keep exchanging Pocket Letters indefinitely.
You fill the  pockets with anything you like
(stickers, tea bags, a note, washi tape samples, pictures, etc.)
A short note or letter is included and tucked
into one of the pockets. Then the Pocket Letter is
folded up and sent in a standard 10 size envelope.
It's the perfect way to send and collect letters from other Pocket Letter Pals  around the world .

I took some embellishments from the kit  and painted it
with 13 arts acrylic paint orchid pink. Then I took some 3d foams and put it on the outside with hello in the middle.

Here is some close up pictures. 

In this pocket I put a privat letter to my friend. 

Here is the backside and you can put your things right in the pocket or do as me and make a small envelope. 

Here I have put some frames that I made from molds. 

This is the pocket you need if you want to do Pocket letter. 

Thats all for me today.


fredag 10 november 2017

Be happy

Hello everyone.
I´m working with The Picnink in the Garden  kit.
There is so much paper and stuff in this packet.
Today i have make this card and i agree with the word.
It´s soo true that life doesen´t need to be perfect to be wonderful.
I think the words say so much. 
Sometimes we just have to take a deep breathe and let time stand still and not be too perfect. 

The front. The paper are so beautiful I love to work with them.
They make the work so easy.

This is such a good message

Here is the inside. One more nice paper and words

I like the bird and flower on the paper so much. 

A close look at the butterfly

And here´s a close look at the  roses you get in the package.

That´s all for this time. I hope to see you soon. 
Take care. 


söndag 5 november 2017

gift box

Hello everybody.

Hope everything it´s ok whit you all. 
Today i will show you a gift box I made with some papper I have left from the wonderful papper kit Picnic in The Garden
In this box  you can but some jewelry or some chocolate inside.
Or whatever suits. I found the tutorial here

When it´s closed

A bit open 

Here you see how the box look like when it´s open. 

Her I have but two bracelet in the pouch 

Closed again 

Some nice roses 

It was all this time. See you again soon. 
Hugs to you all. 

case to a notebook

Hi Marianne here.
Today I will show you a cover which I make for a few years ago. 
I hope you will enjoy this tutorial and that you understand my English. 

This is a case to a paperblock. 
It´s nice to have on the table and write down  things you may not forget for exampel. 

I have made them with the beautiful papper från Picknic in the garden. They are so good looking. 

This is how they look and how i did them. 

Here you have the measurement. 

The two and one pieces I cut out from a food package. Its a little bit harder an usual cardstock. 
Then I cut the cardstock at the measurement above. 
I glue the food package  down on the cardstock as you can see on the picture.

Then you cut every corner like the picture. 

Then you take your bonefolder and score in the gap and around like the picture above. 

Now it will look like this. 

Now its time to decorate with the lovely paper. Inside and outside. 

Here you see the pocketCut out the measure and score it and cut the corner like the picture. 

Glue the pocket on the right side and do a little pocket on the left side if you want. 

The pocket on the right side is for inserting the backside of the paperblock. 

Here is the final result. Here you see the paperpad I put inside. I don´t know the correct English word for it. 

II hope you enjoy my tutorial and try it yourself. 
Do not forget to go in and look at these wonderful  kit from 
The International Scrapbooking garden.
Hope I see you next time. 

I hope you enjoy

söndag 29 oktober 2017

Card ior stämplar

Fast man inte riktigt kan tänka sig att julen snart är här
så är den ju det.
Jag har gjort ett kort med card ior stämplar.
Mitt första försök men jag gillar dessa
siluettstämplar som man kan bygga upp motivet själv med. 
Köpte dessa förra julen men de kom försent
så jag hann inte att prova dem så det blev andra julkort i fjol.
Men nu så ska det bli några sådana här kort i år i vart fall. 

Här kommer mitt första kort. 

Så här blev insidan. Gillar denna snögubbe från magnolia. 

Tack för er titt. Hoppas vi ses igen. 

torsdag 26 oktober 2017

pärm till anteckningsblock

Marianne här . Idag tänkte jag visa er en beskrivning på en pärm till ett anteckningsblock. 
Så här ser de ut .

Så här har jag gjort:

Här ovanför ser du måtten i inch. Jag skar ut det från till exempel ett flingpaket eller kartong så det blir lite tjockare. 

Här har jag skurit ut kartong bitarna och lagt det på cardstocken som du tagit ut i måttet enligt anvisningen. Nu limmar du på bitarna på cardstocken som bilden ovan.

Klipp alla 4 hörnen som bilden ovan. 

Dra med din bonefolder mellan ryggen och alla sidor så det blir lättare att vika.

Nu limmar du kanterna och trycker in dem runt om hela pärmen

Nu ska det se ut som bilderna ovan. 

Nu ska du dekorera insidan och utsidan som jag gjort här.

Nu limmar jag på fickan som jag skrivit måtten på i början av inlägget. Vill du ha en liten ficka på vänster sida också så sätter du dit den nu. 

Fickan du limmat på är till för att stoppa ner baksidan på blocket så det sitter fast. 

Så här ser det ut färdigt. Hoppas ni gillat beskrivningen och att ni provar själv. 

Ha det så bra så ses vi snart igen.
Kram på er alla.